About Stormcastle

The Author

The Author

Stormcastle is more of an ideal than a person, but the person is trying very hard to be the ideal.

A struggling artist from a mid-sized city in Ontario, Canada that rolls with life as it comes and tries to simultaneously leave a mark on the world while not drawing TOO much attention to himself.

With a complete rogues’ gallery of life experiences (some good, some bad), he embarks upon this blog to try and make sense of a universe that at the best of times is nonsensical.

Photographer by trade, you may have already seen his work around the interwebs – or have seen him plying his trade in the real world.

People, Corporations, and Casues that I Support (in no particular order):

Philip DeFranco

Rooster Teeth

Fast Lane Daily

George Stroumboulopoulos





Burger King

Galaxy Cinemas

Paramount Pictures

Warner Brothers

Sony Pictures

Barack Obama

Michael Moore

The Liberal Party Of Canada

and a bunch of other ones that I won’t list at this time…

1 Comment

  1. Hello,
    I’m with the Parent Support Group of 12 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
    We are now in the process of assembling a promotional DVD , designed to recruit new air cadets.

    Would you have in your multimedia library a documentary -styled video segment that we could incorporate into the DVD? The video you have on the blog is interesting.
    We would attribute the donation in our materiel.
    If this is a possibility, please let us know.

    Terry Bayrock

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