The Author
The Author

Stormcastle is more of an ideal than a person, but the person is trying very hard to be the ideal.

A struggling artist from a mid-sized city in Ontario, Canada that rolls with life as it comes and tries to simultaneously leave a mark on the world while not drawing TOO much attention to himself.

With a complete rogues’ gallery of life experiences (some good, some bad), he embarks upon this blog to try and make sense of a universe that at the best of times is nonsensical.

Photographer by trade, you may have already seen his work around the interwebs – or have seen him plying his trade in the real world.

People, Corporations, and Casues that I Support (in no particular order):

Philip DeFranco

Rooster Teeth

Fast Lane Daily

George Stroumboulopoulos





Burger King

Galaxy Cinemas

Paramount Pictures

Warner Brothers

Sony Pictures

Barack Obama

Michael Moore

The Liberal Party Of Canada

and a bunch of other ones that I won’t list at this time…


One thought on “About Stormcastle

  1. Hello,
    I’m with the Parent Support Group of 12 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
    We are now in the process of assembling a promotional DVD , designed to recruit new air cadets.

    Would you have in your multimedia library a documentary -styled video segment that we could incorporate into the DVD? The video you have on the blog is interesting.
    We would attribute the donation in our materiel.
    If this is a possibility, please let us know.

    Terry Bayrock

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