NOTE: None of the below opinions are particularly original, or even expressed in the best possible language – but that does not mean they are any less valid.

You know, I get it: guns kill people.

However, guns just don’t get up and shoot people of their own free will… which means PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

And since PEOPLE are the #1 cause of murder in the world, I hereby suggest banning PEOPLE.

That’s a reasoned comment. 

Saying that guns should be banned is both knee-jerk and simple-minded… and completely ignores the human component – which is what we as a species is very good at: denying personal responsibility.

The asshole who shoots up a school full of children could have used a bomb if he didn’t have access to a gun – and, to be perfectly honest, it’s much easier to craft a bomb than to get a gun.

Arguments aren’t idiotic just because you don’t agree with them – so as much as you want to think you’re better than other people, you’re not… and won’t be until you can be bothered to learn both sides.

This issue isn’t black and white like you think it is: gun control would work just about as well as the war on drugs… and how well is that working out?

People who want guns to do heinous things like shoot up schools will always get the guns.

Even if every retailer in North America stopped selling guns to the public, there would be other markets around the world to smuggle the weapons in from – jurisdictions where life isn’t valued in the same way as it is here… so the call to ban gun sales is unrealistic in the expectation that it would matter.

I said previously that there are millions of gun owners who store and use their firearms in safe and legal ways, and that you will never ever hear about 98% of them – so who are you to take away their right to defend themselves against those who have illegally obtained weapons?

How about sport shooters? Rent a gun? Really? That’ll work real well when you want to go deer hunting.

Yes… I agree whole heartedly that civilians should be barred from owning automatic weapons as those are the territory of professional militaries and not for personal defence or hunting quail.

However, as the saying goes: if guns are outlawed, then only the outlaws will have guns… and that is not acceptable.

Think about how easily you can obtain Ecstasy, crack, meth, and cocaine in just about any urban centre – which are things the government would really rather you not have… and then think about how effectively authorities could control illicit guns imported from China, the Middle East, or even Mexico.

As much as some people would like to think they know everything about this subject, they don’t – so until you can take it upon yourself to learn all side of gun culture, I’m not accepting any argument you make about it.

There are legitimate reasons for people to own handguns for personal defence – mainly because 911 doesn’t magically beam cops into your home to battle armed intruders.

Hunters have the right to practice what they enjoy safely.

Also, until you can understand that the people who use the guns are more to blame than the company who made the gun for it’s intended purpose, no case you make can withstand scrutiny.

It’s a multifaceted issue – one in which self-righteous blowhards can not be taken seriously when they dismiss out of hand the rights of other people.

Yes… people have the right not to be shot, and yes, the sale of guns could be tightened up – but to call for an all out ban is idiocy at it’s finest (or worst) as to do that effectively, you’d have to un-invent the firearm – at which point, people would be still killing each other with broadswords and crossbows.

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