Now, before you give me a dirty look, this article is NOT spawned by the manager of Lansdowne Place’s failure to allow me to photograph inside the mall’s new expansion on it’s opening day – or even returning my call and email for that matter (and I’ve been waiting for over a week now).

Okay, okay… it might be based on the above just a wee bit

This is mostly based on good optics.

Lansdowne Place is THE mall destination for Peterborough citizens (and also for people who live in the surrounding villages), and thusly should take every step to make sure it’s image in 100% when attracting attention to itself – lest some shoppers get the notion that their hard-earned dollars be spent someplace else.

In an effort to assure more dollars rolling in, the mall has been undertaking large-scale renovation over the past few years to update it’s profile – which is essential to maintain shopper growth in the area’s burgeoning urban and youth segment.

October 15th was the grand unveiling of the new expansion wing that reaches out to the Loblaw’s Supercenter (which opened mid-winter 2009).

So eager was the management, that the enticed early morning shoppers with a promise of 500 ‘swag bags’ filled with freebies from mall tenants.

All signs of “Hey! Look at how awesome we are now!”

However, when people arrived, what exactly did they see first?


And this…



“Everybody come on down and see how greedy we are for your shopping dollars! We’re so desperate, we can’t even wait for the exterior work to be done! Come now and bring your cash with you, and we’ll give 500 of you a bag of free samples from some of our retailers to make you forget about the sloppiness outside!”

At least… that’s what it says to me.

What do you think, oh loyal readers?

Photography Tip: If you’re going to take a photo of something like a commercial building without express permission from the facility’s owners, be sure to take the photographs from a public space such as a sidewalk or street – which covers you by bringing into effect the ‘reasonable expectation of privacy‘ caveat if the owners wanted to get snarky with you.

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