Today’s blog is going to be shorter than normal.

Not because I don’t have anything to say, but that most of what I could say has already been said.

I like Kanye West’s music because it’s positive for the most part and tries to teach the masses something other than guns, drugs, and bitches – which is worth something to society, isn’t it?

However, the man is an idiot when he’s full of Hennessy or whatever the hell he was drinking at Sunday’s Music Video Awards… and sometimes, this is all too often.

He assumes that because he’s more popular than a lot of other musical talents of the black persuasion, he’s somehow been conferred with a sociomusical godhood that should be worshiped by all.


Kanye is just another opinionated dude who should really learn his place – and maybe be followed by ‘no men’ who can tell him when his ideas are really, truly fucked up.

Who has the final word on this?

Why… the most powerful man on the planet – who just so happens to be black.

Jump over to TMZ to hear it: CLICK HERE

The final word?

It rhymes with ‘black bass’.


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